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mercoledì, aprile 09, 2008


Italians for Darfur promotes the 3rd Global Day for Darfur in Italy, with exhitibitions and speeches of activists and darfuri refugees near the Colosseum, in Rome, 12 April. Due to the election day in Italy, the GDFD has been scheduled a day before the international appointement. On Friday 11 April, at 10.30 a.m. a press conference in Via Dell'Umiltà, Sala Stampa del Senato will be held by Italians for Darfur and Ugei associations and the famous singer Nicolò Fabi. A video reportage of Nicolò Fabi in Sudan and a video message of G.Clooney for Italians for Darfur will be showed.

Children born 5 years ago in Darfur are reaching school age without having experienced anything but instability and insecurity.
What we ask:
• All parties immediately stop attacking civilians and respect IHL.
•Ensure the full deployment of an adequately resourced UNAMID force.
•UNAMID must actively protect all civilians and specially children. --

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