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domenica, maggio 14, 2006

Truce Is Talk, Agony Is Real in Darfur War

Nonostante gli accordi di pace firmati ad Abuja (Nigeria) la violenza nel Darfur non si ferma!

MENAWASHEI, Sudan — It took three months for Fatouma Moussa to collect enough firewood to justify a trip to sell it in the market town of Shangil Tobayi, half a day's drive by truck from here. It took just a few moments on Thursday for janjaweed militiamen, making a mockery of the new cease-fire, to steal the $40 she had earned on the trip and rape her.
Speaking barely in a whisper, Ms. Moussa, who is 18, gave a spare account of her ordeal.
"We found janjaweed at Amer Jadid," she said, naming a village just a few miles north of her own. "One woman was killed. I was raped."
Officially, the cease-fire in the Darfur region went into effect last Monday.
read more (The New York Times)
Menawashie, Sudan - In Darfur, rapes and shootings go on, despite peace agreement
Locals accuse Janjaweed of continuing atrocities·Abuja deal was meant to end three years of fighting. But little has changed on the ground in Darfur. African Union observers continue to chronicle tales of death and destruction. Rebel fighters and government soldiers eye each other nervously across the frontlines. Bandits attack with impunity. Defenceless civilians are as fearful of attack as ever.
read more (The Guardian)


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