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lunedì, novembre 18, 2013

Bombardment on Nuba Mountain: the video

The bombing on Sudan has restarted. The video we are publishing shows what happened yesterday Sunday November 17th, when SAF (Sudanese Air Force) has bombed the Buram village, in the Nuba Mountains. The village has been raided intensively, and practically burned down.
 A few days before this, El Abassiya has been raided by SAF. Following what Radio Dabanga has declared, during an air raid on El Abassiya in the Nuba Mountains, a primary school has been hit. A military plane of SAF has dropped 3 bombs on 'Dar es Salaam' school in the Umm Marha village, which is in the western part of El Abassiya. The number of deaths is not sure, on the radio they talk about 15 people, of whom at least 5 children dead and 20 children wounded.
Contemporary, a new frontline has opened in another strategic area of the region, which has pushed thousands of civilians to flee from Jebell Marra, where SRF and Sudanese militias are fighting.
The air raids have been confirmed also by UNAMID (African Union-United Nations mission in Darfur), which has collected information on the air raid from fleeing civilians.
From the beginning of 2013, over 140,000 people have fled from Western Sudan. After 10 years from the beginning of the conflict, Darfur is still the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, and still keeps being ignored by the international community, despite the embargo on weapons established in 2004 and the UN mission in the territory.
Thanks to Elena Ghizzo for translation