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martedì, maggio 22, 2018

Noura Hussein, unified petition of Italians for Darfur and leading organizations of international initiatives to save Noura. Collected one million signatures worldwide

Italians for Darfur, a leading organization of the campaigns committed to raise awareness and defend human rights in Sudan, expresses strong concern about the Sudan’s Security apparatus (NISS) blitz in the office of the lawyer of group of engaged in Noura Hussein's defence. Italians for Darfur, in touch with the lawyers of Noura Hussein through the president Antonella Napoli, has launched an international mobilization which leads the way through a petition on that has already collected almost a million signatures together to the promoters of other similar appeals all over the world. Italians for Darfur has unified its launched mobilization petition which has collected signatures involving institutional figures such as the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, honourable Mara Carfagna, who has appealed to Italian diplomacy and government to intercede or operate for liberation of Hussein. The ambassador of Italy in Sudan H.E. Fabrizio Lobasso is following the case as a matter of priority, in the utmost discretion as it is right that it is in such delicate situations. Italians for Darfur, who contributed to the resolution of the case of Meriam Ibrahim (a Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy while she was in the eighth month of pregnancy, and released subsequent to the wave of a campaigns that called for her release in 2015), on behalf of network of Italian associations and organizations that have signed the petition jointly with several Sudanese organizations and the people of Sudan signed in the appeal to obtain the clemency for the 19th years Noura, sentenced to hanging to death last week. Italians for Darfur has sent supportive communication to the team of lawyers assisting the young Noura who risks being hanged to death because she killed the husband imposed by her family in an extreme act of self-defence and a victim of child marriage to the cousin who raped her with the help of his relatives. Additionally, we encourage and support the diplomacy present in Khartoum to take steps to ensure legal protection so that the team of lawyers assisting can continue the ongoing work without pressure or intimidation. The elements in the defence’s possession indicate that she was forced against her will to contract marriage at the age of 16 and raped by her husband while three of his male relatives held her firm. Multiple women and human rights groups all over the world have mobilized to save Noura from being hanged to death. Italians for Darfur, in addition to asking the Sudan Government to promote the intercede and liberation of Noura, hopes that this event will lead to a radical and consistent change in Sudanese society to guarantee the protection of human rights and protection of the rights of women, adolescents and children, as provided for in the UN universal Declaration of human rights law and indicated by the Sustainable Development Goals. Antonella Napoli, President of Italians for Darfur Mohamed S. M. Yassin (PhD), Consultant at Italian Italians for Darfur Mohamed S. M. Yassin (PhD), Consultant at Italian Italians for Darfur