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domenica, luglio 05, 2009

Movimenti ribelli del Darfur si impegnano per unificazione

La frammentazione del fronte ribelle del Darfur resta uno dei principali ostacoli al processo di pace nella regione. Come piu volte auspicato da Italians for Darfur, l'armonizzazione delle richieste dei movimenti armati presenti sul terreno e il coinvolgimento di tutte le parti civili (capi villaggio, religiosi e rappresentanze femminili) del Darfur restano una delle priorità delle organizzazioni internazionali che si adoperano per la risoluzione del conflitto e per porre fine all'immane crisi umanitaria che dura da anni.

Riportiamo il documento, pervenutoci attraverso Suliman Ahmed Hamed, rappresentante dei rifugiati del Darfur in Italia, firmato dai movimenti ribelli riunitisi il 4 luglio scorso:

Proposal to unite armed resistance movements in Darfur

Considering the current political situation in Sudan… Believing that unification of all armed resistance movements in Darfur is the only way to achieve our objectives and demands…In continuation with the efforts exerted before… And on the basis of the responsibilities that has been pledged to our people; we, representatives of the resistance armed movements in Darfur, we believe in the need to realize the following:

unifying all Darfur movements shall be the basis for the realization of political aspirations to our people and realizing all intended objectives;

unifying Darfur resistance movements shall go hand in hand with unifying all constituencies;

taking a unified stand during the course of our struggle, especially on any future initiatives;

call on the international community, the mediators, neighboring countries, and all other peace seeking entities to stay neutral when dealing with Darfur movements, and include all movements in the political peace process;

the mediation must support all efforts aimed to unify the Darfur movements as a prerequisite to ensure the success of the political peace process in the future;

when dealing with the media, all parties must adopt a unified stand and focus:

on the root cause of the Darfur conflict, locally and nationally;

on avoiding provocative statements which may insult the different components of Darfur society;

Media services must be directed to foster the common interest of the Darfur community and give hope for a better future for Darfur,

on the suffering of the IDPs, refugees and other affected persons and collectively seeking support to provide humanitarian assistance to them;

Highlight the failures f government institutions and policy failures of all government since independence.

military coordination and cooperation among all Darfur movements and seek non-military assistance from relief organizations;

make good use of the movements’ foreign relations to support the resistance movements;

cessation of hostilities within different Darfur armed groups and between all parties of the resistance and the

establishment of a mechanism to deal with any future hostilities;

opening and protecting humanitarian corridors and abiding by international humanitarian and human rights laws which protect civilians, IDPs, refugees, and relief organizations

Allocated efforts to support the resistance and collaborate to open channels for shared support

Work to facilitate opening the roads and routes and respect the international human rights law, protect the civilians, the misplaced, the refugees and the humanitarian organizations

Established a mechanism for accountability

We thank Dafur Peace and Development organization, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, and the Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies in the University of Siena, Tuscani and we kindly request organizing another meeting in an effort to unify the resistance movement in Darfur.






Date: July 4, 2009

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