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lunedì, gennaio 14, 2013

Voice for Nyala Second Event Public in London

Join us on the 15th of January 2013 at Top Jazz Club Nolias11 for the second event of Voice for Nyala, to keep on raising funds for the medical treatment of five seriously sick children of Nyala, Darfur.
The children are all now at the Royal Care International hospital in Khartoum, and two of them have already gone, successfully, through the operations that saved them. Ibrahim, smiling in the picture you can see posted here, will walk again soon, THANKS to the donations we received at our first event on 5th December, that has been a real success.

On this second event, outstanding artists will be giving their Voice for Nyala: to name a few, Jem Cooke, Austin, Elena Ghizzo, Zoe Devlin, Mama Nolia, Roachie, and a very very very special guest that can only be revealed that night!

We will have the honour of auctioning 6 pieces that one of the current top international painters Mark Kostabi has donated to Italians for Darfur, and a couple of amazing paintings of Rebecca Poole, incredible singer that ahs given her Voice for Nyala on our first event, and that will now give her Voice through her paintings.

The President of Italians for Darfur will be present for the event.

We are only waiting for you!
Love, the team of Voice for Nyala

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